Imperial Malt Application The Processing of Malt

Processing of Malt

The Processing of Malt includes mainly five steps for converting barley into malt. The first step of processing is barley grading, following by steeping, next one is germination, after that kilning and the last one is malt cleaning and grading. The resultant grain is available in the moisture level between 10-12%. Each product is sampled, inspected and tested to check the quality. After tipping, the grain is cleaned through imported filter screeners for evading stones, foreign objects, straw and dust. Finally, it is stored in silo for offering complete protection.

Process Malt Extract

In processing of Process Malt Extract, the whole grain is crushed as such with the help of hammer mill that produces grist. Along with hot water, the flour is feed into a mash conversion vessel through top. Here the temperature is carefully controlled so that the starch properly gets converted to sugars that get dissolve into water. After that, the resultant product is transferred through Meura Mash Filter where the liquid (also called wort) gets separated from remaining malt husk. The next step included in the process is evaporation. The wort is passed through multi stage stainless steel falling film evaporator that concentrates the liquid into viscous material. Under controlled vacuum, the evaporation occurs that provide full flavor and characteristics to malt extract. The resultant product is packed or dispatch and can again feed into drying plants to obtain different types of dried malt extract.

Process Dry Malt Extract

A vacuum tray drying method is used for processing of Process Dry Malt Extract. In this, the liquid extract is spread over different tray that make a batch. When placed in vacuum oven, it turns into a solid brittle cake. After drying, the cake is then granulated via passing it through a mill to produce free flowing powder. Dry Malt Extract (DME) often contains 3% of moisture and the final product can be stored for up to years as per studies. The customers can get the dried extract only when liquid malt is moved slowly into band passing through vacuum. In addition to this, the remaining moisture gets further dried up with circulation of hot air through this moving bed of material. The vacuum that is used allows evaporation even at low temperature and aids the extract to puff.

  • Chemical composition: The malt extract comprises components like Vitamin E, folic acid, vitamin B, minerals and proteins.

Process Malt Flour

Flour mill is used for the manufacturing purpose. Different kind of mills are used for producing diverse type of flours depending on their grade like roller mills and pin mills. Both light and dark color malt is used, while dark color is produced from roasting malt after malting process. Basically, the malt flour is added to the food as they impart flavor, texture and appearance enhancement in various food industries. Furthermore, the light colored flour is used in preparation of various foods as it comprises alpha amylase, protein and malt flavors. Premium grade cereal is used for germination process that is dried by the process of malting.

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